Upcoming CEDS Meetings:

If you have photos of economic and community development in your community, please share them with Robyn Stanicki: These could be images of CEDS-related projects, they could be your community's downtowns and commercial centers, they could be cultural events or fairs... anything that you think captures a certain quality or aesthetic that you feel would add to our CEDS plan.


View our 2017-2022 KVCOG CEDS Plan


Previously Recorded Sessions: 

Projects and Priorities - This meeting reviews potential projects to include in our CEDS plan! These projects can be different in many ways, so long as they support community and economic development in our Kennebec Valley Region. Including a project in the CEDS plan is an important step in identifying and applying for funding as well as framing each in a regional context. Projects in the plan will address our identified weaknesses and threats and leverage the strengths and opportunities we have outlined to date. Slides for this presentation can be accessed here: CEDS_Projects_and_Priorities_20211014.pdf

Data Dive - Here we discuss demographic and economic trends in Maine and in the Kennebec Valley region. In this meeting we were joined by Amanda Rector, Maine State Economist. You can view her prepared slides here: Amanda_Rector_KV_CEDS_081821.pdf. Also presenting are KVCOG Executive Director Ole Amundsen and Community Resilience Coordinator William Harper. Those slides can be accessed here: CEDS_DataDivePresentation_20210812.pdf.

Committee Assessment and SWOT - Here we explore the results of a survey presented to the CEDS Committee and other team members. We develop a group vision statement and explore the broader purpose of our efforts. Finally, we work through our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. You can view those slides here: 06-17-2021_SWOT_-_Revised.pdf.

Understanding CEDS - In this meeting we cover the intended purpose of a CEDS plan, required elements, the planning process, and applications to economic and community development. We also review our prior CEDS plan and assess progress on those stated goals. You can view those slides here: 05-18-2021_CEDS_Meeting_1.pdf.

Strategies in Smart Growth - This session was convened in collaboration with Nancy Smith of GrowSmart Maine. We define "Smart Growth" and discuss how it can create stronger, more resilient communities. You can view those slides here: CEDS_2.16.2021_Presentation_FINAL.pdf.

Solar Energy in Maine - Here we discuss the impacts of solar energy production on the Kennebec Valley region. We are joined by Sophie Janeway of the Natural Resources Council of Maine, the City of Belfast, Ben Axelman of Nexamp, Mark Bergeron of TRC Companies, Inc., and by Maine Audubon. You can view those slides here: SOLAR_KVCOG_JAN_20_2020_FINAL.pdf.




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