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The company, give IT get IT, was founded as a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization for the purpose of increasing technology access and literacy by five Maine residents in 2002. This effort was originally named the ‘PCs for MAINE’ program and since its inception, it has provided training, low-cost, high-quality computers and free technical support to thousands of people throughout Maine and Northern New England.

More than 130 businesses, small and large, donate computers and use their recycling program. This provides them with thousands of computers and all the parts needed to make them whole for the organizations and people they support. Microsoft provides them with discounted charitable software which helps keep costs down and build computers that are more reliable and will last longer than most new store-bought systems – for a fraction of the cost.

These technology donors also want to make sure any technology that is found to be unusable in their process is managed properly and will not negatively impact the environment, their customer data, or their brand. Therefore, give IT get IT has built a best-practices-certified, electronics reuse and recycling system – the only third-party certified service of its kind in New England – to take all the electronics a business no longer needs and properly manage all of it.


Recycle IT

Most IT-related devices - reusable or not - have enough scrap value to sustain the cost to process them and anything they can reuse is processed for free. The optional services they provide such as on-site collection, physical drive, media destruction, and recycling of non-reusable consumer electronics such as AV equipment, copiers, and peripherals can be recycled, but involve a processing fee. The more reusable your surplus/unwanted tech is, the lower your cost to remove them will be, highly reusable loads of material are processed for free.

This program is used by banks government agencies, federal courts, hospitals etc. all over New England as businesses are obligated to Maine's Universal Waste reporting rules. The cost of this service passed back to the generator are usually surprisingly less than other options out there - and by far more compliant, detailed, and secure.  This service is how they are able to provide personal computers with support and training for more than 2800 people every year.

Give IT Get IT is fully permitted and licensed with the fed and state - they are also committed to total data security, zero landfill of electronics, health and safety, environmental impact reduction, continual improvement and transparency. They reuse everything they can for their mission and properly recycle all the remaining electronic waste.

Their main phone line has an automated attendant, which is a recently new addition. The prompts will take users to the right person to help if needed. That contact number is (207) 338-4233.

They strongly encourage homeowners who bring ANYTHING containing potentially sensitive information (cell phones, tablets, computers laser printers, game consoles, etc.) to come during their operating hours. They also have a blink doorbell inside the drop off shed if someone needs help unloading heavy items or needs answers to questions during their hours of operation. 

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Eligible individuals and non-profits can request low-cost equipment and training with free support.

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For more information on give IT get IT's services please contact:

Olivia Kunesh 

Environmental Planner 

207-453-4258 Ext. 222




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